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Victoria Pepe was born in Manhattan, where she now resides and works in the LuminSonics creative studio.
      She is an accomplished life long artist whose work is rooted in her flowing, free hand, unique form of geometry.
      As a multimedia artist, she creates art with pen and paper, canvas and wood and paint, and cutting edge digital techniques.  Her photography reveals her unique style.  She is also an accomplished musician and composer.
     Her art has been featured in galleries, expos and other venues from NYC to California.  Victoria's art is also in numerous private collections.

When I create the art I create from an intuitive, inner feeling place. It is initially non verbal. Later, I describe verbally what I non verbally feel and create.  As I create I am in touch with a Source larger than myself and I let the art flow through me.


Flower Fusion:
One might think that combining natural photos with art digitally formatted and combined through technology would be different worlds.. but they become one.. a higher octave world, with space for the new to emerge.

I always love nature.  When I experience flowers, and especially when I take photos of them as they bloom and flourish, I feel that as very healing and uplifting and simply wonderful.  To capture flowers in their moment of  nourishing bloom, those moments in nature which exude a freshness of life, a delicacy and sensitivity and gentleness and vibrancy, is part of the healing, inspirational process.  Also, the vibrancy of colors of the rainbow, which emanates life energy is very important in the healing process. Colors impart healing properties.
I digitally combine all these essential aspects into the art of Flower Fusion.  This art brings together worlds into one harmonious flow.  A new era transcendent, inspiring a newness of being.

Wholeness Art:

Wholeness art is in the style of "mandala" or circle. The themes of the circle bring our attention to our center and to being in our center and resting in wholeness and healthfulness.  It is round and embracing and comforting. It reminds us to come home to inner selves, which is whole.  It helps to bring our awareness to being in the center of the moment where we can hope and find some inner peace.  It represents the universal and can help create a sacred space for healing.  The outer flows to the inner center and the inner flows to the outer in harmonious balance. The layers of the art are in dimension and gives a feel for the dimensional quality of the universe.

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