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Wholeness Art
Wholeness Art is created in the style of the "mandala" or circle forms representing wholeness.  They are geometrically balanced. Each piece has an energy for well being. The art has a dimensional quality, areas that elevate to different levels, representing various states of being.

This video demo shows 8 individual art pieces.
The watermark words on the art are only for the demo.

The art is in limited editions, and each image is potentially printed on various archival media.  This is a very brief sample.

Click the PAUSE control on the left of the video whenever you would like the art as a still image.

Click Full Screen for best view.

    Art Titles:
1. Life Energy
2. Gratitude
3. Beautiful Day
4. Grace Garland
5. Centering
6. Radiating Embrace
7. Cosmic Lace
8. Solar Joy

Potential displays:
Art can be displayed in various sizes.  For extra large sizes, art is created on request.

Art can be printed on archival quality canvas and ink.  It can be finished with acrylic resin for a very high mirror like gloss.

Below is the framed art, printed on archival high quality fine art paper and ink.

Below is the art as seen in a light box.  The image is printed on archival film, set in a framed box, and light illumines it from behind.  Light boxes come in varying sizes.
Extra large, as seen below, is created on request.

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